We have been most grateful for the personal service and elegant feeling of Ascot Limousine through our own experience and people coming to our gallery.

We feel this service is a wonderful asset to Victoria. Gilles Proulx and his fabulous car are goodwill ambassadors creating romance and caring with a distinct difference. He loves Victoria and his car and listening to peoples’ desires and making their dreams come true. Ascot Limousine is a Victoria treasure.

Nadina & Maarten Schaddelee, Maarnada Studio Ltd.

After having experienced Ascot Limousine Services and Mr. Gilles Proulx in Victoria, one has to hold in for moment and digest what happened: A very extreme, delightful and satisfying experience, indeed. A very professional way of individual service capability we experienced in the last several years.

Personally, as well as experienced by Lufthansa customers staying at “OPR”, we cannot but recommend Mr. Gilles’ service.

A unique impression! A great plus-point for Victoria!

Dierk Liess, General Manager, Airline Board Office, Lufthansa

I am writing this letter to inform you that Ascot Limousine Service has been providing our family, from both here and abroad, with exceptional livery service for quite some time. Mr. Proulx has been a superb chauffeur and has acted with integrity, professionalism and decorum befitting his chosen vocation.

Our family and friends have enjoyed his humour and gentle ways. Mr. Proulx’s in-depth knowledge of British Columbia, and in particular Victoria, has enlightened many of our friends and esteemed clients from around the globe.

We feel that he is a great service to us and to the City of Gardens, Victoria. We are truly honoured to know Mr. Proulx and his wonderful classic Daimler Limousine, and we recommend and fully support the innovative and brilliant style he demonstrates as a host to the City of Victoria.

Baron Rudiger Gunter von Koniczek, Foxwood Farm, Victoria, BC

While in Victoria for a Board Meeting of the Canadian Tourism Commission, I have been using Ascot Limousine from the airport to Ocean Pointe Resort, back and forth, and I was extremely pleased with the service they provided me with.

I may assure you that I was served with the utmost professionalism. Therefore, I would like to unequivocally state my support to Ascot Limousine.

I do wish long life to Ascot Limousine and hope they will be able to continue to operate their limousine service.

Charles Lapointe, President & CEO, Greater Montreal Convention & Tourism Bureau

We have found the courtesy, service and personal attention of Gilles Proulx and his Ascot Limousine Service outstanding. We believe the Gilles’ services provide an elegant, upscale complement and asset to the many high points which contribute to making a fond and memorable Victoria experience to visitors, tourists and locals.

Given the outstanding service which Gilles has provided for our organization since our arrival in Victoria earlier this year, we have selected Ascot Limousine to provide limousine service during our upcoming visit by the International Hockey League’s Commissioner and Governors. The importance we place on making the right first impression to this IHL contingent is critical to gaining the approval to relocate the Spiders’ Hockey team to Victoria. We believe that only Ascot and Gilles Proulx can provide us with the proper service to make the right first impression.

Harry M. Stokes, President & COO, Victoria Sports/Entertainment Associates

It is my pleasure to offer my recommendation of Gilles Proulx and Ascot Limousine Services Ltd.

My wife and I have the opportunity to travel extensively. We found Ascot Limousine’s service to be of the highest caliber we have experienced. The success of our trip is attributable in no small part to their drivers’ knowledge of the area and its attractions and dining establishments.

Being in the hospitality industry for 20 plus years, I understand the importance of choosing those companies that will offer my guests the utmost in hospitality and service…Ascot Limousine Services Ltd is just such an outfit…

I do not hesitate to recommend their services to any of my associates or guests traveling to Victoria.

John W. Dawson, President & Managing Director, The Scottsdale Plaza Resort

During the past year and a half, Mr. Gilles Proulx of Ascot Limousine Services Ltd, played a significant role at Ocean Pointe Resort Hotel & Spa as unofficial “goodwill ambassador” for the hotel and the City of Victoria to the many guests who availed themselves of his Daimler limousine service.

Stolle Service Ltd was the management company of Ocean Pointe Resort Hotel & Spa until May 1997.

Mr. Gilles Proulx commands a prodigious knowledge of Victoria and vicinity and keeps up-to-date on happenings in and around town. Guest reaction has been very positive as a result.

His manner is professional and charming and he puts people at their ease.

Rick Stolle, President, Stolle Service Ltd.

Dear Gilles,

What a lovely surprise to find a glass of wine and the best table in the house waiting for us last night at Spinnakers. Our day was a delight. I am sure today will be as well.

Thank you for making our stay in Victoria so wonderful.

Jina Cullen,

Dear Gilles,

Carmen and I both wish to thank you for adding to our great vacation with the wonderful limo ride in your beautiful Daimler. It was the crowning touch to a perfect evening. I truly felt “Royal!”

Hope to see you again on our next visit. Give a pet to little Joe for us.

Thanks again!

Kathy & Carmen Gagliardi,

Dear Gilles,

I would like to thank you and your wife for making our daughter’s wedding such a happy event.

I cannot say enough about the style, elegance and quality that you and your car provided. I was particularly thankful for the gentle conversation that calmed Jennifer and I on the way to the church. She felt like the Queen of England.

You were the start of a perfect day – thank you.

P.S. Nancy and I would be pleased to give personal referrals. We can be contact at 386-9646.

Mike Hewett, Father of the Bride

Dear Gilles,

Thank you for making my birthday extra special! Greg and I had a wonderful time!! I loved the balloons and the lovely diet pepsi/pink & white display …


Mr. Gilles,

Thank you for the very nice gifts and for letting us ride in your car.